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I found my first downfall to traditional.

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Its not easy to find stores that sell what you need. I went to my local pro shop and drove 80 miles to Gander Mountain. Niether place had arrows I could use. The aluminum were 20xx -up and all the carbons (which I prefer not to use) had vanes instead of feathers. The only glove I found was a Vista Mega Glove which I had nothing to compare it too. Does anyone know if its any good? I did buy it and a stringer.

Anyone have any idea where to find help and supplies near

kawika b:
research products here on TG and shop on-line if possible. classifieds here have just about everything one needs at great prices.

9 Mile Archer:
One of the many great sponsers on this site.  Everyone I have used is very helpful and can get you what you need in a few days.  Local stores that have good Trad are few and far between.

I figured online shopping was where I would find most things. The problem I have is being new to traditional bows I want to be able to compare different brands. When you have never even seen something its hard to know what you like. Gander did have 4 recurves and 1 longbow called "the stick". I was amazed at how light they all were. I have never shot anything but a compound.

shoot me  an email and I'll hook you up with a buddy of mine in bon aqua TN.  Arrow builder, leather work, not sure but I think he makes strings, etc.   Just a dang good guy!


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