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Aligning glue-on broadheads w/adapters

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Nope, I don't sell them.  It's just something I knocked out in my basement.  I had a Dixon at one time and it just did not fill the bill.  Maybe some day I may make a few to sell.
The Devcon can be bought at most any large hardware store.  At one time I believe Lowe's sold it, but the last time I was there it had been replaced with another brand.
Good luck.

where did you get the gauge on your alignment jig?  I am thinking about making a jig, though my carpentry skills leave a lot to be desired.   :)


Got it at Harbor Freight.  When they are on sale thay are something like $7.  Regular price is about $15, I think.

The tough part is finding a bearing for the broadhead to fit in.  About 25 miles NE of here we have a company called Bearing Distributors Inc.(BDI). They have about any kind of bearing you could want so I kind of lucked out there.  You wouldn't have to use a bearing, but I kind of liked the way the shaft turns when a bearing is used. You could probably use a piece of metal with a dent or dimple drilled in it.
Good luck.

In the most recent TBM "Tips from an oldtimer" column there was an interesting suggestion.  If your broadhead doesn't line up when first installed, heat it up (assuming you used hotmelt) and spin 180 degrees.  He claims 90% will line up perfectly, but can't explain why.  Who cares, if it works!  I'm going to try it anyway.

Goose, I really like that alignment jig.  I'm going to have to make one of those!  :thumbsup:

TaterHill Archer:
would you mind listing some specs of your aligner?


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