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Aligning glue-on broadheads w/adapters

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Well, it’s nothing fancy.  It measures 12 inches long and 5 ½ inches wide.  The end with the two rollers is 2 ¾ inched from the bottom, and the other end is 3 ¼ inches.  The one pictured uses two screen door rollers on the left and has a small bearing for the point of the broadhead to fit in.  I made a second one of these and used two bearings on the left for the shaft to rotate on.  These bearings are a little larger than the one for the broadhead, I believe 5/8 inch O.D.  The bearing for the broadhead measures about 3/8 inch OD and 1/8 inch I.D.  The wood is one inch red oak.
I found the most difficult part was finding the bearings, and they were not real cheap.  I think I paid almost $4 for each of them, but the screen door rollers probably work just as well for the left end.  Obviously you can make the jig with the rollers at the other end, I’m left handed and this worked for me.
The dial indicator came from Harbor Freight, item #33675-2VGA.  They sell for $15.99, but you can often get them on sale for something like $7.00.  You can also find dial indicators on eBay.  The dial has a molded loop on the underside of the case which makes it easy to mount to a small block of wood on the jig base.
To use the jig, just position the arrow as shown in the post above and slowly rotate with your fingers.  I usually try to use uniform pressure on the shaft, over the two rollers.   Then sit back and watch the needle in the dial indicator spin!  With a little work, I can usually get my broadheads true to .003, which I consider fantastic.  You will soon find some broadheads supplied with screw-in inserts are not any where close to that.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.


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