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Aligning glue-on broadheads w/adapters

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Just wondering, for those of you who use or have used screw-in adapters with glue-on broadheads, how do you align your heads with the adapters before your glue dries?  Also, what kind of glue do you use?  


Ok, let me ask this do you properly use a Dixon's Broadhead Aligner?  


Squirrel Bait:
Matt, just screw your adapter in your arrow, glue on your head just as it was a swaged or tapered wood shaft. I use Fer-l-tite hot melt.

I made this jig a couple of years ago and it works fine.  You can get the alignment within a few thousands of an inch.  Also, I use Devcon 2-Ton epoxy, it has a 30 minute working time and two hours to set up.  You can then remove the heads if needed with a tourch without using too much heat.
Good luck.

Goose, that's a real nice looking alignment jig you made. Have you considered selling them? If so, for how much? Also, where do they sell the Devcon 2-Ton epoxy? Thanks.


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