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Primitive Knife


Hey Everyone,

I don't or can't Flintknapp at this time & always wanted a Primitive looking,Flintknapped type of Knife.

Here's what I just received in the mail as a " Christmas / Birthday Present " to " Myself !!

It looks just like " Flintknapped Obsidian ", but its made out of " TOOL STEEL " !!  


That is a beauty!!

That's quite a piece of work..... I wouldn't have guessed tool steel from the pics.....   :thumbsup:   Terry

PS..... I just read his process on his site..... Very Impressive....


Check out the other items that I haven't decided on what to do with next... Along with two very modern Broadheads as a comparison
(150 grn Silverflame & 125 grn ?).
The Arrow/Broadhead Shaft (Rt hand) is a real " Flintknapped Obsidian Arrow/Broadhead " just to give you how the "CAST POINTS " compare !!

1. Atlatl Clovis Point:350+ grns
2. Arrow / Broadheads :250+ grns
3. Silver Flame Broadheads : 150 grns
4. Atlatl / Spear Clovis Point : 400+ grns


All of the ferroulithic points, to date, are cast in dendritic D2 tool steel tempered to Rockwell 58 ".



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