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Homemade Deer Drag

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Since I was a kid I have always used a small green limb put through the cartlige of the deers nose (doe). Works for one person or two.  Bucks are a different story. Its free and you never forget to bring it.  Bill

I haven't done it yet ,but mt safety harness that loggy bayou sent me looks like it would be perfect for the task.It straps around your waste and two more straps go under your crotch. If you use  a portable climber and use a safety belt[ you should!]I think you can utilize the safety belt somehow.

Take four lawn mower wheels with you. Wait til the deer is stiff and screw the wheels to it's feet, stand it up and push it out of the  woods.  ;)

I bought a steel game cart from Rual King for $50 and wouldn't trade it for the world. It looks just like the one you would order from Cabela's.

Another guy I hunt with uses a plastic kids sled. I would say that is the second best method.

If I was allowed to cut them up and pack them out I'd go that route, but since I can't the above works great.

john gerrard:
One of the slickest,cheapest,light drags I have used is just this simple. Take a piece of nylon strap about 2 inches thick and about 36 inches long. Sew a loop in each end. Put the deers front feet up over their head put the strap around their head and feet put one end through the loop and pull tight. Now find a piece of branch and put through the other loop for a handle. This handy strap cost you pennies to make and takes up no room at all. The most important thing to remember is to keep the drag short and keep the deers feet up over their head to reduce the drag. I laugh at these guys that try to drag a deer with ten feet of rope. Another little tip is to always pull in the direction of the deers hair i.e. pull head first not the hind legs.

john gerrard:
Sorry that piece of nylon strap should have read 2 inches wide and 36 inches long. Sorry bout that. Brokenwing


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