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Sharp Stick:
Has anyone made a homemade deer drag?  I shot a doe last week (Hawken Muzzle Loader, sorry trad only guys)  Anyway, that doe ran about 75 yards, I had to drag her out through some pretty thick brush, all uphill of course.  I had to drag her by the hind legs, cause I didn't have a rope or a deer drag.  I have looked at the Glenn's deer drag, it's just too plastic for me.  I don't know how to bore a hole in a wood dowel. Any Ideas?

I have a 6oz. one.  Called a knife- and my turkey vest.  Take out a whole boned out deer in one trip. Once you do it you'll never drag another deer.

Sharp Stick:
Thanks, Can't do that in Texas.

Michigan Man:
For several years I would just saw off a 12 inch long dead branch and tie a rope around it for a deer drag. If it's a buck, tuck the front legs in his rack first and than tie off around the neck. Now I use a Cabelas game cart. Much easier.

BluntHead, go either to Wal-Mart(cheaper) or Cabela's there in Buda and buy a Deer Drag they are orange in color and very strong.



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