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I need some MOJO

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Seems just when I resolve to the fact that I am not going to see or harvest anything. That I am just going to the woods because I want to be there,,, walking in, thinking of how beautiful the woods are and how great it is just to be up and out in the Lords great creation.

BAM,,,, that's when it all happens...

That's my MOJO!

Try it and I wish you luck!

The most authentic MOJO I can offer is to say a prayer.

Otherwise, you can try to still hunt the way I do. Get in to whatever area you think will hold deer this time of year. Then, see EVERYTHING around you move at least twice before you take another step. It is a very taxing way to still-hunt, but you'd be amazed at how invisible you become to everything around ya. It's the only way I can stalk pressured deer on public land. It works, even worked on a coyote once! Good Luck!


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