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Weekend Warrior:
Tommorow 15 days left of KY season left..
I need some MOJO Please  :banghead:  

So send some mojo....
Happy New Year Trad Gang    :clapper:


joe skipp:
You got it Gary..I'll "touch" my Fred Bear photo for you. I always touch it prior to all my bowhunts...asking Ol Fred bring us success.

Weekend Warrior:
That's Great I'm shooting a Bear Grizzly  :bigsmyl:

Don't go to the wood sexpecting not to see any game -

Before you step in the woods - close your eyes - think of where you have seen what you are after, visualize the best feed available this time of year, and where you bedding areas are - picture a deer if you are hunting deer - burn that deer into your mind - open your eyes and walk into the wind or slightly across it to the edges of ht bedding area and on to the food source - 'Course you won't get that far as will have shot that deer before ya got there

E-Mojo - it's the only thing anyone else can do, the rest is in your mind and the animal's - you have to be lucky enough to have the deer thinking the same as you and being in the same place at the same time ... All the best and if you go with a defeated atitude, you'll come home beat up


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