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I was just wondering if any of you have experience with this bow? I am shooting a Chek Mate Falcon Special right now and I love it. I am just wanting to try something "different" and I am looking hard at this bow. I like the idea of shooting a recurve made out of "modern" materials, I guess that is the techno junkie coming out in me. I know that they aren't very "traditional" but they appear to be pretty decent performers. Just looking for pros and cons. Thanks!

Steve O:

Do a search on "gamemaster".  I just recently saw a thread comparing new to old...what I got out of it was there was no improvement.  I just picked a Gamemaster up in the classifieds last week and I am very happy with it.


My understanding is that the difference is the grip.

I have a game master and think it works well.  I have not seen a Game master II in person.  Hoyt is located here in Salt Lake but no one seems to have one!

It looks like the riser from the GMII is the one used on the Tiburon, without the silencing pads. The grip is different, but custom grip makers will make grips like the older GM for it. The limbs from my GM will work on the GMII. There isn't any difference in arrow speed, but the GMII quiets down a lot easier then the GM. I'm using the GMII on my mule deer in the morning, so hopefully things will work out.

The Gamemaster is a very good bow in it's stock form. It can be made into an exceptional bow with some high end limbs and silencers.

You could also check out a Warf bow. Exceptional performance for a very modest price.


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