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Sharp Stick:
Anyone have experience with the Martin Savannah Longbow?  I am looking at one, and want to know the good and the bad, so if you have experience, please let me know what you think.
Jack  :)    :)

Do a search for Savannah.  There have been a lot of positive posts regarding this bow.  There have been many a time I wished I had one but I want a 3 piece longbow.  

I have two other longbows and would not hesitate in buying one if I had the cash for another one piece longbow.

I like mine. I did find out that If I want to shoot NAA I need to get a long bow. The Savannah is 62" and the modern longbow needs to be 64". Mine is at 45#@28" and I have found that I can hit, once in a while, with it. I am not good with the Trad Shooting yeat - but will get there.

I have had several of them, and they are great bows. You can't go wrong with a Savannah, IMO. I just like my Pronghorns better.

Blunthead I've had A Martin Mamba recurve a bud of mine had a brand new Savanah had it for two or three weeks and got rid of it they're not cheap anymore for the same money or a little more you can get a true custom. Go on my thread and check out my Hornes brushbow. They're basic model starts at 475.00 cash American


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