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Dr. Ed Ashby:
Here's a pic of a caping knife I made for Harold Mulkey. His father was a barber, and Harold still had several of his father's straight razors - including two that were still new in the box. I fashoned one of the new ones into the blade, and added a 'footing splice' handle to it. Harrold found an old sheath that fit it perfectly, and he's already used the caper on a couple of deer in the last two weeks. It's sharp, and the hard steel really holds its shaving edge well. Just the thing for a caper.

Though I'd pass the idea along, in case any other Gang members have an old straight razor laying around that they just don't know what to do with.



Good idea and great photo, Dr. Ed.

Gene Roberts:
Great blade

Dr. Ashby how did you fashion the blade? And would that be a left wing single bevel?

Nice job and I bet I can guess what it's as sharp as.


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