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Dan "the Man" Quillian has left us

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Dan's family must be a testament to what type of a guy he was - or maybe it goes the other way, but here is a glimpse of the kind of people they are -

I bought a Quillian longbow right around the time of his death.  They notified me that my order was delayed due to his death until they could square things away.  No problem with me, of course, I felt saddened even though I never met him.

A few weeks later the tube showed up empty - the end had been cut open and the bow was gone.  Who knows where along the line that happened.

I told them about it, and we agreed on splitting the cost for another one from his remaining inventory.  I sent the check, a week later I got the bow and inside the tube was my check, torn in two.

(I just now noticed this Quillian category,  in case anyone was wondering why post this two years later)


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