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any fellow tradgangers going to be at the ATA show in Atlanta in Jan/07.    I have been to it for the past 3 years and there is some trad items but not much.

mark land:
I'll be there in the Muzzy booth, come by and introduce yourself, always nice to meet some fellow Tradganger's.  Mark

Cherokee Scout:
I will be there looking for some new trad products for this year.

Mark, I will stop by and see ya.    I always visit the Muzzy booth.   I like to talk w/Potts.  he is a real cut up.      This will be my first year attending as a "trad Shooter"    See ya there.

Adam Mooney:
SWEET!!!! Guys go to booth 2036 that is my (AWU) booth.. I didnt think any TGrs would be going... We will be right across from the Easton Booth. Cant wait to see you guys.. Look for the 10' tall arrows with big arrow wraps on them. HE HE HE!!


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