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I got a Christmas card from ole '46 today (thanks  George) and a reminder that I need to refresh everyone's memory as to what weekend people are invited to my home to build bows and knives.  

June 8,9 and 10th.  Friday the focus would be on glue ups if people are interrested in laminates.

I just finished my shop this week and I'm excited about that.  We have 19 acres with a lot of room for camping along the crick.  Very nice setting for this type of thing.  I live 10 miles south of the Brainerd lakes area which is abound with recreational opportunities as well as shopping for the ladies.  I live 1 mile from Crow Wing campground for those who would want more modern camping.  

I would like this to be a free event for people but am concerned a little with liability.  Should I look into insurance, waivers, etc?  Thanks, Chad

Chad,  I have the date on my calendar.  You may want to talk to the agent that carries your home owners insurance.  I wouldn't think it sould be a problem.  

Great idea, I am looking forword to the week end.


Thanks for the reminder.  I'm planning on being there and really looking forward to it.


Just put it in my planner.  Can't wait. We should touch base again in the spring so we know who's bringing what and staying where.



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