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Ordered a Helle blade

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Put in a order for a Helle Odel blade yesterday and they said it shipped yesterday, great service. Anyone have any pics. of a Odel blade that theyve done their own handles for, would be very interested in seeing what everyone came up with.

Thanks. Dean

Here's a couple of the ones I have done.  The first is the knife that went with one of the St. Jude's auction bows.  It has an osage/purpleheart handle, with a brass finger guard and a hand knapped bird point inlaid in the handle.


This one is one I made for my Dad for Christmas last year.  It is a walnut,antler handle, with a brass finger guard.  They are a lot of fun to make, and not that hard if you take your time.


Good luck, and be creative.  You will be happy with the results.

8th Dwarf:
Hmmm?  I didn't know they did that.  You mean I can buy the blade and do the handle myself?

The Helle knives I have are AWESOME, but this sounds really cool.  How do I find out more about this?

Too Short

Naked in NH:
This isn't the blade, but here's a couple Helle's that I did as presents a few years ago.

The wood is osage- I should have oriented the grain the other way to strengthen that little piece next to the blade there.  Whitetail antler that I found on one and compressed leather rings that were contact cemented together first for rough shaping.  The one with the leather rings was designed as a hardcore working knife.

I put the little nubbydoo on the tang of that one- you can see that it's for a positive catch on the sheath.  Works great.



8th :  Look on the left side of Chads page and you will see them .  Drew


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