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2007 Wensel Brothers Cabin Fever Hunts!

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David Neils - Colorado:
I know this has been posted as part of other Javelina and Hog hunts but I wanted to ensure everyone who visits this forum is aware of this incredible opportunity.

I was lucky enough to get one of the spots on the 2006 Cabin Fever hunts and I'm going back in February for Hunt #3. You can check out the different hunt options at:

Not only is this a fantastic hunt with the Wensel Brothers but it happens at a time of year when most of us are simply watching the calendar, waiting for the next big game season.

There are eight openings left for the hunt I'm signed up for. I'm not sure about the other hunts.

I hope to see some of you there. I'll be in a white Dodge Truck with a popup camper. I'll be driving from Fort Collins, Colorado.


Jerry Jeffer:
sounds like a great deal. How would you handle all the meat?

David Neils - Colorado:
Last year we ate the Javelina in camp that I harvested. This year I'll take extra coolers down with me. You can send a note to the Wensel brothers via the link above and ask them for recommendations.

For $575, including dinners, you can't beat this hunt.

It's worth that price just to hear the Wensel brothers tell stories of their African hunts.

The Singing Bowyer:

My brother and I will be there the third week. How long a drive is it from Colorado?

I will be the guy with the oversized campsite and camo guitar....

Seeking Trad Deer:
Great price...wish there were a lot more hunts around with such a reasonable price tag.


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