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who makes a 52" recurve

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Just curious to some 52" recurves besides a bear. I have a 52" Kodiak Mag I would like to retire from hunting and get something a little newer for the feild.Not saying she wouldn't ever make it to the feild.   :goldtooth:  thought about making my own but between my family, day job and my bussiness I'm all tied up for a long time.

Look in the sponsor classifieds. One of the Bakers is making that size bow or close to it now.

Steve Gorr...Goldenhawk Magnum...

kawika b:
morrison and chekmate make em that length too.

Pete W:
Jack Kempf and  Dan Toelke both make 52" Rodney Wright makes a 46"  Brent Rudolph/Mark Baker make a 48".


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