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Wife just gave me permission to spend 9 bills on a new bow. My problem is lack of patience. What should I get?.RC

Jerry Jeffer:
I don't think I would need that much, but if you can... why not?

I just ordered a Rose Oak Custom Recurve - Puma Hunter. Wait time is 1-2 months. You could easily spend the 9 bills on one of his fancy bows or go with a cheaper model and still have a great looking bow (just going on pictures posted on Tradgang and on his web-site). From everything I've read he makes a great looking and shooting Recurve.

I'd be sure to spend anything left over on the wife, sounds like she's a keeper;)

Ray Hammond:
I really like the looks of those Rose Oak Creations bows, Robert.

Check them out- they are sponsors here now and he is having a sale on the Sponsor's Classifieds on some bows already made..don't think you will have to spend all that money either to get a great one with his 15% off deal.;f=48;t=000276

Happy Christmas.

If you "gotta" spend $900 on one bow buy a Black Widow. Or does (lack of patience) mean you would rather not wait eight to ten weeks for a bow?

If that is the case there are lots of other bows priced about $450-$500 that are great for the money! Why not go that way and get two? Bet ya they are in stock now... :) ...


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