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Author Topic: Fall/Winter Traditional Trails Correction  (Read 1062 times)

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Fall/Winter Traditional Trails Correction
« on: January 03, 2015, 12:52:00 PM »
Some of you may have noticed in the the current issue of Traditional Trails that the Secretary's report is from 2013. I had attached the wrong file to my email that I sent Editor Dan Macut. Here is the correct report of minutes from the General Membership meeting:

General Membership Meeting June 28, 2014
Start Time: 4:47 pm
End Time: 5:20 pm
Recorder: Tom Watson

Les Osborn
Tom Watson
Nicole Watson
Ryan Macut
Dick Gardner
Jerry Richard
Jon Stewart

2 General Members

Treasures Report: Treasure Nicole Watson stated that the account was at $8,897.00. Bills have been paid, and the taxes have been filed. Jamboree raffle raised $910.00, plus an additional $940.00 from the Bear Kodiak Bow raffle. Used 3D targets sold, also raised an additional $375.00 for the club. $500.00 deposit was paid to English Hills Banquet facility for the 2015 MTB Banquet

Membership Report: Membership Secretary Tom Watson stated that several new members had recently signed up at the Jamboree. Current membership is at 267 members with 133 members up for renewal.
Merchandise Report: MTB merchandise coordinator Jon Stewart reported that the new t-shirts, license plate/holders, bumper stickers, wire brim hats, and patches were selling well. The club is currently looking into ordering window decals and pins for sale in the future. Also, new shoot pins for future MTB Jamborees have been ordered.
Magazine Report: The magazine as always in need of photos and articles. Articles just need to be related to Traditional Bowhunting. Tech Tips, Shooting, General, and Recipes are welcome.

New Business:

Insurance for the club has been paid.

The new targets bought for the Jamboree need to be fixed. The 3D deer targets were either missing the antlers, or came with the wrong set.

The council discussed the possibility of a buying a laptop computer for the Secretary position. There will be a further discussion concerning this at the next council meeting.

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