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ASTB 2015 Spring Rendezvous


The Alabama Society Of Traditional Bowmen
2015 Spring Rendezvous

When: March 12th & 13th 2015
Where: Brierfield Ironworks Historical State Park, 240 Furnace Parkway Brierfield, AL. 35035

Multi-Round Shoot
Traditional Equipment Only
Everyone Welcome

ASTB Tournament Rules
No Stabilizers - No Mechanical Releases or Release Aids ~ No Binoculars ~ No Elevated Rests ~ Must Shoot Off Shelf Or Knuckle ~ No Sights ~ At Least One Finger Must Touch Arrow Nock ~ Longbows & Recurves (Wood, Aluminum or Carbon Arrows) - Primitive Bows (Wood Arrows Only)

Campsites and cabins available through Brierfield Ironworks. Website:

For additional information:
~Visit our website -
~Like us on Facebook - Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen
~Email Tony Kernop -


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