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Almost time!


Man it's dead in the Alabama section; I cannot be the only one excited about bow season.  I'll kick it off, and maybe some more will chime in.

I'm in Baldwin county, and after taking a significant break from deer hunting for years I am looking forward to my first traditional kill (good Lord willing)!

I tried some public land down here last year, but saw more humans than anything.  I found a club close to the house this year, so I hope to get a head start before I switch to taking my kids gun hunting.

Getting ready here in Walker County.  I own the land I hunt, but will be the first time in years due to strokes.  New knee braces and a great support team mean I could be back in the woods again on my terms again finally.

It's still mighty hot here in mobile but I've been shooting a good bit lately trying to get back in the groove from the summer lull. I've been trying to find somewhere in the area to shoot some 3D but haven't had any luck so far.


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