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Well another year is upon us.

What trips are forming up?

I'm using a very short range in my garage to practice (to ensure anchor consistency) to maintain confidence prior to the season.

I found the movie "the push" on YouTube helpful for a few pointers on my anchor.

I'm planning a trip with a guy I met at the Heritage jamboree.  This is another great reason to go.

How are trips forming up for others?


I'm headed up to 326 this weekend. 

I will sit in a tree Sat evening.

I'm getting things together in the basement and I'm excited.

The week after will be a trip for Bears north of Grande Prairie.

I will try for Moose after that (417, 420).

I may even get a trip in before that to SE BC;).

Good luck everyone.


good luck! I am not going to be doing anything super special this year. Just go out for some deer and see if I can get one!

Well I went up North with a friend I shot with at the Heritage classic Jamboree.   I left Wed am and it was approximately ten hours north with stops and purchases.  I was tagged up fo deer, bear, moose, elk, grouse and cougar. 

We got out hunt four days in a row.  There were sightings of Mules, Bear, Crain, Geese and a grouse.    Weather varried quite a bit... but was relatively good. 

Planning on possibly heading out Sunday afternoon.  Maybe 410.  I will put a few pics up of the four day trip.

Any suggestions in 410?  Can I hike past the Nordic center tracks and go off their property towards the river like it shows in I Hunter?  I will buy a new land owner map for the county out their... Any suggestions for the right map?  Things change put there fast.


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