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It's some time since I've been "active" on the TG site but I still recognize a few of the names and handles so i thought I'd post a pict from my spring bear hunt in Alberta.

It's been a lifelong dream of mine to take a color phase bear. I’ve been blessed enough to take several blacks but the color phase has eluded me for many years - until this year in Alberta where I hunted with John and Jenn Rivet from Swan Hills.

It was TRULY a dream bear hunt where I don’t think I ever spent more than 15 minutes on stand without having at least one bear in front of me and most of the time it was multiple bears. The hunt was everything I’d dreamt it would be and more.

At night we stayed at John and Jenn’s house in Swan Hills and we’d drive up to bear camp about an hour north of their house each day.

We had every kind of weather imaginable – sun, rain, sleet, hail. Cold, warm. Typical Alberta.

The highlight of the week of course was taking the blonde bear but having Russ Thornberry in camp with me was an absolute joy. Russ and I were sitting together when I shot my bear and that is a memory I will cherish forever.

Pict shows myself, friend Russ Thornberry and outfitter John Rivet.

Black Widow MAIII, 46@28, Zwickey Delta 2 blade, 2016 shaft.

Best wishes and congrats to all who have been successful this year no matter where or what you were hunting.


Awesome bear! Congratulations! I'm glad you posted this. Before you went on the hunt you had posted some questions o the Alberta forum. I was wondering how you had done. I thought maybe you had such a bad hunt you didn't wanna talk about it. Lol.Looks like it worked out well for you!

Beautiful bear, congrats!

Randy - quite the opposite.    :)   It was the best hunt I've ever been on. Hope you've had a great season as well.
Maineac - thanks.

Congrats!  :thumbsup:


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