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Went to the woods with a "Cherry Bomb" today....

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After putting on my "leaf suit" and shooting from a seated position in the back yard for about an hour yesterday I was planning to hit a local WMA this morning and making a commitment to hunting on the ground all day long. I purchased a "Ground Hunter Seat" from Big Jim's back during the summer and really wanted to try it out somewhere besides the back yard. So with everything set I headed off to sleep with more questions than answers. The wind was supposed to be all over the map today and I was not even sure where I would be headed when the clock went off.

I can't believe I overslept!!! I swear I do not remember turning off the alarm on my phone but I guess I did, so by the time I leave my house I am already an hour behind schedule but still I am excited about spending a day in the woods. Next to me in my truck is a bright red bow sock, inside sits my Northern Mist Classic. Bolivian Rosewood handle, 4 lams of bamboo and cherry veneers on back and belly. During the summer attending 3D events I named the bow "Cherry Bomb" because of what happened when an arrow out of this bow went where I didn't intend.....Shrapnel!

I headed to a North GA WMA about 30 minutes from my house. The spot I intended to hunt takes about 30 minutes to walk to in the dark, to still hunt will take decidedly longer. I arrive at the area I plan to hunt, a natural saddle well off the beaten path with several crab apple trees that I bless with a fertilizer spike each spring. I slip up to a large oak behind a mat of briars and muscadine vines. Between the two I feel I should be well hidden and there is enough cover to break my Silhouette. I settle in and wait.

In less that 20 minutes I catch movement, a small fork horn and what looks to be a spike are moving up a trail that will bring them broadside to me at about 15 yards. The forkhorn senses something is not kosher. He stares in my direction, bobs his head up and down several times and then proceeds down the trail, not running but fast enough that there is no chance to take a shot......his little buddy right on his heels. Awesome, deer within 15 yards and OTG to boot! I realize I have a death grip on my bow and my heart is racing. I settle back in and listen to the chatter of squirrels as they chastise the two bucks for disturbing the peace.

I wait...........


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