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I have a friend who is looking to get into traditional archery, and I'm trying to help him find a good deal on a used longbow.
When I got back into the game I found a great deal from Raptor Archery. They have some nice recurves for sale right now, but no longbows.
Does anyone know of a place like that, maybe this side of the border, where I can find used bows on consignment?

I thot I had one for you but when I looked in my directory the website is no longer there. I would try Rocky mountain specialty gear out of Colorado. They have a huge list of bows both recurves and longbows with pictures. I found a great deal on a Bear takedown with two sets of limbs earlier this spring. Great folks to deal with. Not much demand in Canada it seems.

Are they right eye or left eye dominant?


--- Quote ---Originally posted by outdoorsforlife:
Are they right eye or left eye dominant?
--- End quote ---
Not sure what you mean?

Big Jim has a huge inventory of used bows too.


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