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Bareshaft help

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JR Chambers:
I am trying to grasp this bare shaft thing. My bareshafts hit down the middle on the vertical line and my fletched shafts hit left 4 inches. Using 50 grain inserts with 125 grain heads. Makes no sense. Thanks guys

As you observe your bare shafts in flight, does the nock end seem to veer left, right, high, or low, or does it track directly behind the point?

And do you shoot a right or a left handed bow?

Roy from Pa:

You want your bare shafts to group with the fletched shafts. If you are right handed then your arrows are too weak and if you are left handed then your arrows are too stiff. Another possibility is the arrow knock is hitting the bow when you shoot giving you a false reading.

What weight is your bow and what spine arrows are you shooting?

JR Chambers:
But If I do the same thing to both shafts as recommended the bare shafts comes back to the left after shortening and the fletched shafts keep going further to the left. Why can't I just get the bare shafts shooting down the middle and then put feathers on them?

JR Chambers:
My bow is 45 pounds. I am shooting 600 Easton axis shafts.


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