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Hoyt Satori Bareshaft tuning question


Hi Guys,
This has probably asked several time but I need help. I'm bare shaft tuning my hoyt satori its 45lbs at 28" shooting goldtip 500's with 125 grain tip and 3 fingers under.

I cant seem to get rid of a tail right arrow at impact. My point of impact between my fletched arrow and the bare shaft is pretty good. I just cant get rid of the tail right and slight tail high at impact.   I shot at 10yds and about 18yds with the same results.

Thanks in advance for you guys help!

If your bare shaft and fletched shafts are grouping together, a slight tail right probably doesn't mean much.  I assume you're a RH shooter?  If the tail right is more than 5* or so, let me know; in that case it may be above my pay grade, because a significant tail right should have your bare shaft impacting to the left of your fletched shafts.

A slight tail right could be caused by the target itself.  It could be caused by your nocks fitting too tight on the string.  It could be caused by a slight overstiffness of the shaft, but not enough to cause much of a separation between the POI of your bare shaft and fletched shafts.

If there is a slight overstiffness, it can sometimes be corrected by raising the brace height, if that is an option for you.  Reduce the weight of your string silencers, or move them closer to the ends of the string.  Move the centershot closer to center, if that is an option.

But since you have probably already experimented with increasing point weight and shaft length with no success, the cause is probably something other than shaft spine, like overly tight nocks.  Correcting that may also correct the nock high, but I wouldn't worry about a slight nock high of 5* or less.


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