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I hate to admit but need help.  The last few shots at big game I missed shots I never should have missed.
Saturday I shot at a hog...first ever from 15 yards tops.... I shot right over its was perfectly broadside shot. Before the hunt I was shooting bullseye out to 30 yards.
I'm doubting / thinking too much. I shot from my tree saddle and have not shot from elevated spot in a while,MAYBE that played in the equation but I dunno....
Anyway,I feel I get so worked up I hesitate hold my arrow to long..... I shoot instinctive style btw...
I'd like to hear some exercises or things that may help...
Thanks guys

Sam McMichael:
If you ever figure this out, please let me know the secret. My issue is that tend to pluck the string, not every time but enough to be a concern. At this time, I am still in the position of making dozens and dozens of shots trying to concentrate on a smooth release with good back tension. How many times do the experts say you have to repeat an action before it becomes a natural event? It must be an awful lot, considering how long I have been working on this issue. So, I guess you will need to continue the hard work of diligent practice. Do you tend to look up as you release your shot, thus causing you to shoot high? I hope this issue works out well for you. Meanwhile, keep on hunting. Pick a spot and stay on it.


--- Quote from: Sologuy on February 22, 2022, 06:53:19 AM ---I shot from my tree saddle and have not shot from elevated spot in a while,MAYBE that played in the equation but I dunno....

--- End quote ---

This is one variable you could eliminate by practicing shots from elevated positions until you know where you need to hold to hit the target, before you hunt from elevated spots. This will not only give you practical information you need to know, but eliminate one source of anxiety from your load.

For example, if you decide that you need to focus on the bottom of the animal to hit it when aiming instinctively from an elevated position, and you do that when you're hunting but miss high anyway, then you know that something else is going on, like Sam mentioned.  Right now, you just don't know.

Todd Cook:
You got to watch that arrow hit the target. Never take your eye off the spot till it starts squealing.

Larry Dean:
Focus control. If you are not looking only where you want the arrow to go and your eyes are dancing, your brain does not get a clear message. I think I know what Howard Hill was thinking about when he was shooting, nothing.  My son who had no trouble shooting tight groups at 30 yards bought a new Mackenzie target shot his first five arrows right over the targets back. That back line on a live deer really can catch the eye and it is hard to break away from. Some people shoot with a different posture at target than they do at a deer, especially from a tree stand. Make sure the form whatever it is remains identical.  If you are looking to see how your arrow flies you were not focused on the spot to begin with.


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