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Terry, Does that "T" work for all builds??

I was a competitive powerlifter for many years, deadlifts, rack-pull, heavy shrugs etc...I have tried to make the "T" and physically cannot do it, it feels like I am crushing my traps/shoulder blades together.

Now, if I alter my anchor and  anchor to the back of my jawbone, it feels very close to a "T"( short arms), but wearing glasses when I shoot does not allow me to anchor way back there.

any tips?

Terry Green:
The BEST way for me to answer you question is on 'The Bowhunters of Trad Gang DVD'.  I go into detail on proper alignment, back tension, double anchoring...etc.

Its so much easier to see and hear than to try and convey it here in the typed word, but we'll give her a try since the clock pics have been helpfull to many...

I'm sure it wont work exactly perfect for all builds, but the goal is to get as close to that alignment as possible.

Proper alignment will serve you better as a shooter, no matter if you are shooting targets or hunting. It will make your shot more forgiving in the bowhunter's world of not so perfect shots, positions, and terrain.

It will give you a better release, steadier bow arm, and less torque on the bow and string.


Can you explain the "T" for those of us who missed the initial discussion(s), or point us to some older threads?



Terry Green:
Sure Snake.........There's going to be a little session in the The Bowhunters of Trad Gang DVD soon to come out...but let me see what I can find till then.....I think there's lots of info on this form already.....I'll have a look, and report back.


Terry Green:




And NOT this....  Shoulders and arrow Parallel.


And this...


Does NOT equal this......Shoulders, arrow AND Power Points Parallel.



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