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How To build some pretty cool looking arrows. Motor City Machete style

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Works great on carbon's also!

Thanks for the thread! I am having fun now!


Bill Sant:
I've been doing marble dips for years and have a few things that made a difference for me in the quality of the dipping.
1.  if you can, draw the water into whatever container you are using a couple of hours before starting.  This lets any air bubbles in the water go away and keeps them from attaching to your arrows and causing blank spots or water spots/voids.  Room temp water seems to work best.
2. I use a five gallon bucket filled to the level I want to dip, then I put 6 or 8 lengths of pvc pipe, cut an inch or two longer than the depth of the water into the bucket.  This makes 6 or 8 different dipping pools in the same bucket.  Use one pool for a couple of dips and then move to the next pool, add paint and dip again without having to clean out the old paint.  I usually get 2 quality dips before I move on to the next pool.
3.  I use rustoleum spray paint for the main crown and testors model paint for the dip.  On occasion if the main crown has dried for a while,  week or more,  the marbling will not take to the shiny finish as well as you might want.  It will look fine, but when you fletch with duco it will only penetrate the swirl paint and not the main crown paint enough to really hold fast,,,,so scuff the crown lightly with some 0000 steel wool  before swirling.
It really is fun to have unique arrows so get creative and have a blast.

Bill Sant:
Forgot to say that the pvc pipe I use is 3  to 4 inch diameter

Mike Vines:
And now the pink ones are complete.  Bring on the Manitoba bears for these...


Nice Mike!!  :thumbsup:  I'm jealous your headed north this spring  :)


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