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Feather Splice How-to...Motor City Machete style

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Mike Vines:
Bringing rhis back up, so those who are wanting to make some cool looking arrows, I have showed the marble dip in a how to thread, now the membrane splice here.  So, now get to making some creative arrows and post some arrow porn for all of us to see.

one thing I noticed is quill thickness as well, if they arnt the same they don't stick as well.
I do all of my feather cutting after they are on the shaft,  I tape the quils and hold a patern, cut with scisors.
so when I splice I use a exacto and cut out what I want.
I also started painting the white part of the quill to match paint on the shaft. I don't really do this much anymore, I ruin my feathers too quick.

I have been wondering how feathers were spliced together.  Now I know!  

Knowledge is power so I'm going to give it a try.

Thanks for the education.


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