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European Mount HOW-TO!!!

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Hopewell Tom:
Good work, Mike.
I have about 10 "European" mounts and learned a few things from your tutorial. I'll be using the Borax and Dawn next time. I use Hydrogen Peroxide and cotton balls to get the skull very white. Maybe the Borax allows the skipping of that step, I'll see.

Thanks for taking the time to share.

Turned out great and love the plaque!  Good Lord willing I will try it out this fall!


Mike Vines:
Bumping to the top for the guys who might have missed it.

Kudu Kid:
Instead of using borax, use Sodium Carbonate AKA Arm and Hammer Washing Soda.  Washing Soda is found in the laundry section of the big box stores.  You could also use powdered laundry detergent or powdered dishwasher soap as they both contain Sodium Carbonate.


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