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Stippled/ Carved Grip

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This is a bow I am finishing up for a buddy of mine.  A few guys asked me how I did the stippling on the grip, so I took a few pics as I did this one.  This one has a little more carving into it than I usually do, but still came out well.
I like to tape around the area I am going to be can just draw it out with pencil also.  Seems like I just do better with the tape!  The riser is finished sanded to 180 grit when I start, when I am done i go over the whole thing with 220.
He wanted a Elk Antler in the handle, so I drew it out on the tape and cut it out with the knife.
All of the work is done with a Dremel.
I use the smaller of the two bits to carve a line around the antler and the larger to make the stipples.
After i get all the stippling done, I go back with this bit (not sure what it is called, but you can see it in the pic) and blend all the stipples together...kind of in a swirling motion.
I like the way this comes out, kind of looks a feels like the base of an antler...about the only thing I can compare it to.  ;)  
After that, I finish carving a little deeper around the antler and then go over the whole thing with 220 grit paper.
This is how it looks now with a coat of semi-gloss Krystal...with that figured Bocote, it is hard to see the outline of the carving.  It should look better once it is finished up with the Flat Krystal.

Very nice work!!  :thumbsup:

Incredible! Fantastic job.

Beautiful work.  Thanks for sharing the method....still wouldn't try it

That's some of the prettiest Bocote I've seen...Thanks for sharing..


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