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Colorado has a lifetime free combo small game/fishing license for disabled veterans.  A couple years ago I took the time to read the reg through and discovered it also includes vets with a purple heart.

Took myself and DD214 to the Dow office and was qualified and issued in ten minutes.  I always spring five bucks for a second rod stamp.

Hot Hap:
IL has free hunting and fishing with 10%

I am 100% disabled through the VA and get my Oregon hunting/fishing license free also. I also have an Oregon Disabilities permit, plus get free camping at any Federal/State campgrounds. I have permanent VA disability plates on my vehicle so, don't have to pay for tags every two years either.

Tradtical Commando:
I think a lot of states are like that now. Louisiana is too if youre 50% or higher, but you have to renew yearly. This will be the first year ill be doing the paperwork for it. It looks like a single sheet here that has to be signed, but who needs to sign it will be the interesting

Michigan is free (almost) for 100% Disabled Veterans. You still have to pay for application fees for special hunts and then pay the license fee for that hunt if your number is drawn. I generally pay about $20 a year for the special hunts if drawn.


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