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Trad Archery in North West Oregon?


Wandering Archer:
Hi guys. I've been really contemplating my families future, and getting the heck out of CA is heavy on my mind. I can't be too far from the ocean, so Oregon is a heavy favorite of mine. It also helps that it is within driving distance to family back in CA and I have a good friend who lives in Astoria. If moving to Oregon actually happens for us, I think the north west appeals the most to me.
So, my question is as it states in the title.

Is there any good trad archery clubs/ranges/shoots in NorthWest Oregon?

I know there is a great trad archery community in Oregon in general, but how far will I have to go to participate in that community?
One of the biggest factors holding me in CA, even over family if you can believe that, is the trad community we have here. I met most of my best friends through archery, and I shoot with them on a regular basis. There is a great club that has a weekly league in the summers and hosts a day shoot every month. Besides that, there are two great weekend shoots held every year that our whole group goes to religiously and camps/shoots together. It's a twice a year guaranteed camping trip for me and my family, even if we don't get to get very many fishing/camping in the rest of the year.

What can I expect in Oregon? My friend who moved to Astoria is all but out of trad archery as he was unable to find anyone who wanted to play with sticks and strings.

Of course, there are many things to consider, but this is one of them, so I thought I'd come to the source and find out what the climate looks like.

You'll have to come to Traditional Archers of Oregon bow shoot and become a member to meet most of us. Then go to as many bow shoots as possible around the state to meet other trad shooters.
 We're scattered all over the state. But our numbers are growing quiet well. We're spoiled up here with a month long general bow season state wide for either deers or elks. Awesome black bear hunting and late season archery buck hunts too.
Oregon is getting more and more liberal by the year so we could use you up here for sure to promote more conservation. Honestly I don't see how you can live were there is such limited hunting opportunity.  I live in the sw area and make a point to go out and meet other trad hunters, they always welcome me as a friend. Good luck.

Brad Robins:
I shoot at Stott Mountain Traditional Archers in Dallas, Oregon,  30 minutes inland from Lincoln City.

Great group that shoots from May thru opening day.  Meetings etc off and on throughout the year.  

TAO puts on a fun banquet in January, and a major shoot in late July.

Fun times, great guys and gals!


There are lots of Trad guys in Oregon. Astoria is a great area for elk and the Blacktail population is doing good. I hunt with a compound and traditional gear. I'm not a purist trad guy,  and have friends that hunt with all weapons.

I would consider attending the Oregon Bowhunter annual banquet as well as the TAO banquet.

There is definitely some great hunting opportunities in Oregon that CA does not have.

Best of luck.


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