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Stolen Blacktail


Bart S:
Well I had my truck broken into a couple days ago, in Corvallis, and had my Blacktail stolen. I'm hoping whoever stole realizes the value of it and tries to sell it, so I'm asking if you guys can keep an eye out for a righty 64" TD elite made from cocobolo and myrtle. It also has my name on the lower limb: Mark Bartolome Stevens. It was in a black case with a Great Northern quiver attached filled with carbon arrows with yellow fletching.



That sucks!!   Sorry to hear it.  Damn petty thieves.  I hate that crap.   Good luck with finding it.   Pawn shops and craigslist.  Talk to any archery shops around you as well.  Damn.  

Always feels like you were violated when something like that happens.

I'll keep an eye out up here just in case.  Not too far away.

Deja vu, Back in 1977 I had a bow stolen  in Corvallis also. It was my carp killer! An old Damon Howatt that my dad bought me while we were living in Alaska, sometime in the late 60's.


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