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Ya all wanna see a BBO build?

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Roy from Pa:
Osage belly, purple heart core lams backed wif boo.

Osage came from Kenny M.

I prefer 1/4 sawn lams.

I run the Osage lams through the drum sander to an even 1/4" thickness.

Then do a Z splice and glue up with EA40.

Roy from Pa:
Purple heart is tapered from 1/8th thick at riser to 1/16th thick at tips.

Patterns for taper rate were supplied from Kenny M.

Cutting out a section of bamboo, I split it with a machette.

How I flatten the belly side of the boo.
At this point the nodes are not a problem, I just need a flat surface to layout my bows pattern.

Roy from Pa:
I string the center line on the boo and cut that pattern out.

I then sand to the line and then taper the boo from 1/8th at the riser to 1/16th at the tips.


Before glue up, I lay all 3 pieces together and string end to end again to get it straight. Then I drill 2 holes in the riser section where the leather grip will cover them later, and drill a hole on each side of the tips for toothpicks to hold things straight when gluing up.

Roy from Pa:
My form with the padding on it to protect the Osage from clamp damage.

I can position the mid limb center posts to get more or less deflex or reflex.

Wrapped in plastic wrap and clamped up on 2 inch spacing and the back of the boo is protected with little sections of bamboo cut out. I alternate the clamp position from side to side.

Of course we wanna see it and I am getting a bit envious seeing that nice piece of yellow wood. :)


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