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Anybody Hydro-dipped Border Covert Hunter limbs?

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I am thinking about hydro-dipping a camo pattern on a set of Border Covert Hunter Hex 9 limbs. Border told me "don't expose them to a Hydro dip as we have no idea how that would affect them". I do not know what "affect them" means - performance or integrity.

Has anybody hydro-dipped a set of Broder limbs and found any "affect". I hate to ruin a new set of limbs.


Hydro dip??

Mark R:
I don't think dipping them should affect them at all, from what I understand its a coloring solution floating in water, but Border could void any guaranty if you alter them, ask the people who do the dip. 

Thank you for the replies. Although the bow is only about 4 months old, I believe the warranty is already voided since I bought the bow second hand, that is I am not the original owner. Yes - hydro-dipping is how a camo pattern is added to guns and bows. 


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See if this works.


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