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Protecting bowform before glue up.

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So I had a big roll of shrink wrap I thought I would try covering the form first and then doing the glue up i recall seeing big Jim doing his like this I think! My role was about 20 inches wide and of course the form is not flat so I have to wrap it and overlap you get quite a few creases in the wrap Of course they lay down pretty good but they are there , should I not be worried about it ? Thanks guys here’s a picture.

I guess I got a hold the camera different darn.  :dunno: Roy!  :thumbsup:

I run a piece lengthwise, but it has some wrinkles, don't think I've ever seen a defect due to a wrinkle ...

I don’t wrap my form,  but rather lay a piece of plastic wrap lengthwise on top of the form so the sides hang down along the sides of the form for 3-4”. I
Blue tape that by wrapping the tape around the form. I use filament tape to tape bow layup to the form before putting on air hose and top

I think I will remove this and since I have such a wide roll run at length ways, see how that goes so when you use the filament tape, can you tape right to the riser and the laminations or should you have your pressure strip in ?


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