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Draw Knife Preferences?

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Bee Trace Rambler:
Hello All,

I'm entering the bow building arena again after multiple false starts. Currently I'm looking at used draw knives and would appreciate your thoughts. 1) Do you prefer 8" or 10" blades, or other size preferences? 2) Do you have any certain qualities your prefer for drawknives used for bow making?

Thank you!

Pat B:
I prefer a longer blade. I get better leverage with the longer especially when I'm removing bark and lots of wood. I have both curved and straight blade drawknives but prefer the straight blade most of the time. Sometimes when you have a concave area a curved blade is nice. When buying older drawknives be sure there are no chips out of the edge or rusted out areas along the bevel or edge. On other parts of the blade it doesn't matter too much but the edge and bevel are more critical.

Not to disagree with Pat as he has many many more miles on his than mine will ever see.  I have several of both and like the slightly curved ones best.  I have 7,8,9&10" and like the bigger for hogging and smaller ones for more control on the final ring.  There were a couple on the classifieds here that I would have bought if I didn't already have a drawer full.

Bee Trace Rambler:
I ended up purchasing a 10" Greenlee with a straight blade from an online auction site. The drawknife looks like it was in very good condition.

I don't have access to the classifieds here on Trad Gang. Do people sell staves there? Some of the places I've done business with in the past either don't offer staves anymore or have very limited selection.

There are some Osage staves listed but it looks like you have to buy in bulk.  I think we have some sponsors on here that sell or sold staves. Pine Hollow for one.


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