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There is just something about a long bow....Finished Photos

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All these years of shooting trad bows and building different designs, there is just something about the feel of a long bow that appeals to me.  I hunt with shorter hybrid bows, and love that smooth draw they provide. I also enjoy shooting a nice static tip RC with a sculptured grip.

But.... When i can pick up a long bow i've never shot before and place a group of touching arrows on the first 3 shots.... I mean.... I can help but love this thing.

Here is a 62" Flatliner i'm just spraying the finish on that just amazed me how well it shoots.

Nice shooting :thumbsup: Maybe try from more than 10yds out next time :laughing:

I'm surprised at the small amount of limb length that appears to be doing all the work. That typical?

 Yup... that's the design bro. Static tip long bow. Better string angle, and a bit higher performance......004 forward taper and 6" tip wedges. This one has Bamboo & paduke, cores, with a hickory belly lam, and blood wood wedges and overlays. It Has two sets of limbs, one at 50#  , one at 55#     Kirk

Roy from Pa:
Pretty nice Kirk.

I don't understand the better string angle? 

Better than what?


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