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Anybody need some aboo cutoffs? I’ve used some in my own bows on the back of one pieces where you can’t see the ends and I won’t send out unmatched lams.

Only lams I send are cut side by side in same piece.

I only need so many bows !! LOL

Being laminated they should be pretty much same stiffness.

You pay shipping And I’ll send em .

There are natural and amber, 1.5” and 1.75”

Just put your name in and I'll draw in a few days...

Appalachian Hillbilly:
I am in. How long are they?



Count me in too! Thanks.

Kenny, if the 1.75" are not wanted by the winner, I'd pay the shipping for them. I don't want to overly complicate things for you, I just don't make enough bows to use all that you are offering.   Thanks!  Roger


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