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Centaur Big Game head (pics)

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A nice little Wisconsin 9 pointer, I shot the second weekend in November at 13 yards with a Big River static tipped longbow, 66", 54#@28", self made Surewood shaft, tipped with a Centaur LW bevel Big Game head.  

Entrance wound was more pronounced than exit (you are viewing the entrance wound, left side).  A 60 yard trail with modest blood initially but fairly heavy in the last 15 yards tells me he ran that distance, then started to bleed-out before expiring; within seconds after the shot.
The shot placement is lower than I would have liked but I'll take it, if its lethal!

Happy New Year Brothers; all the best in 2014!


Congrats on a fine buck!


Tyler C. Moore:
Beautiful animal, and looks to be a nice shot

Well done!

Thanks guys -

Don't have a lot of time these days with little ones (Finn 4 & Kaia 23 months) and wanted to shoot a bow buck this season for sure, so this was hard to pass up.  I also wanted to try the single bevel Big Game head for the first time.  Also went back to woodies (Surewood, Doug Firs) after a bit of a hiatus.  

Always rewarding to harvest an animal in appreciation of the life and spirit that was given.  This little buck has already provided delicious meals for my family and I who love venison and "organic" meat.

Great to live in a country where we can still provide for ourselves at this level.



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