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My First Deer!

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My first deer! Not just with a longbow. My first deer ever. I just started hunting in October. Also special because I started shooting in May and just switched from a recurve to a longbow last week. I won't be going back    :)    

I took her from the ground behind natural cover at 25 yards. Pass-through, double-lung. She only made it 20 yards before she fell and passed quickly. I was in a chunk of hardwoods between two fields and found myself amidst at least 20 deer when I made the shot. I had to kneel behind a downed beach tree while they came in. Popped up to take her.

Thats the short and skinny version. It was a really special hunt. I'm working on a story to post soon.

Where: Allendale, MI
When: A special morning on 12/22/09
With What: BAMA Hunter Longbow - 65", 60# at 30", Easton 2117 XX75 topped with 125g Ace Standards on a 30g adapter.

joe ashton:
Out standing my friend.... I believe life is over as you know it... CONGRATS


Congrats!!!!! Welcome to the brotherhood.

Boone the Hunter:
sweet man! way to go shooting her on the ground late season, I know how skidish deer are around here and that's not easy to do. Big congrats and nice shot!



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