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LoweBow's 2009 year in pics.

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It's been a busy year w/ an 11 year old, new school, football, and just trying to keep busy at work.  My son Jared and I were able to take a few trips and make some memories.

Started the year at Lake Eerie in April.
Can't wait to go back.  
If the Bowfin (Dogfish) had been officially weighted it was a new Ohio state record by like 5 oz. Shooting an old Ben Pearson 50# recurve w/ Synergy spin real 200# ff.

Some HUGE carp fun had by all!

Jared shoots a compound at the moment as his recurve won't give him the power needed for most fish we shoot.

The busy summer caused very few other trips to the water and football gave a horrible start to my September bowhunting.

Finally started running the cams hard and became familliar w/ the movings of a nice buck Jared had named X-Man because of an X he had across his shoulded during the early summer months.

Was Lucky enough to catch up w/ X man during my annual bowhunting vacation the 1st week of November.  Couldn't be more tickled w/ this deer.  Not only my best deer, but I've never had so much history w/ a deer having near 500 pics of him.
Shown in Pow Wow section earlier this year.;f=1;t=080251

Absolutely smoked X-Man taking his heart out at around 8 yards.  I sure didn't want to shoot any lower at that angle, but I dang sure wasn't gonna rookie it and shoot high.
Black Widow MA IV 53# @ 28"  Axis FMJ 500, 125 4-blade Magnus Stinger.

My favorite pic...blowing this one up for the office wall.

Pretty much finishing my year was a doe taken from the same stand I took my buck.  
Jared took 3 does w/ a Muzzle Loader, so we've got plenty of meat for the year.
Deffinately a "Quality" over "Quantity" for the Lowebow family this year.


a great year


Benny Nganabbarru:
Wow! Well-done to you and your son!

what a great buck congrats!!  what do you do with all those  carp?


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