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The Adventure of Hope and Faith 2009/2010

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Marvin M.:
Seems like there was a journal included last year, but if I remember correctly not everyone added to the journal as it went around.  Is that something that everyone wants?  If so, I'll throw some kind of a notebook in the case for that also.

What do you think?

Marv, that's a good idea with the moveable nock point.....there's no way one setting will work for everyone....

I believe this year it's just a bow, but if you want to add a little book to write in I think that would be great...some will use it, some won't...

Marvin M.:
Rained last night here so I didn't get to work on the string.  Should be able to start dialing it in at lunch today.

I'll throw some kind of "journal" in there and write up what I find on set up.  The string will stay with it.

Supposed to rain just about every afternoon this week.  I was hoping to make a short squirrel hunt with Hope but the season ends here on Friday and it doesn't look like I'll get to make it right now.  Too much prep for the hog hunt going on.  Maybe I can still make it work though.

Marvin M.:
It's a whopping 95 here in Kentucky.  Just got back from my lunch break where I shot Hope some.  I've got a field about three miles down the road that I have permission to shoot in.

I twisted up a new string out of B50 and added a brass nocking point so I can adjust the nocking height.  What I'm finding is that (at least for me) I have to set the nocking point a full inch above the shelf.  Thre brace height I like best so far is seven and a quarter inches.  I'll continue to play with that some as I get ready to take Hope to SC next weekend.  Disclaimer here -- I shoot three under and have no formal accuracy training, so your results may vary.  

The bow shoots equally well with 2016's and POC's that are 55-60.  My arrows are 29 inches and I use 125 grain points.  

The bow shoots well enough that in shooting at dandelion puffs (my favorite target on lunch hour), my second shot with Judo's busted a nock.  Both shots were two inches low (my fault, I'm sure) from twelve yards.

Added some yarn silencers before I left to quiet it down and I now get a satisfying little thud when I shoot.

I bought a small journal that I will throw in when I send the bow on and will document set-up and my hunt.  

The next recipeint will get the new string that I twisted up as well as the original string.

Looking forward to the hunt next week.


Why did you twist a new string for the bow.  There is a string with it.



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