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The Adventure of Hope and Faith 2009/2010

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Paul Mattson:
Where I can I  find the list for Faith.  Would like to find out if I got a spot or not.


Get ahold of Guru, he's the scheduling guru this year.  LOL


Marvin M.:
Hope and I are getting acquainted.  Picking arrows and getting comfortable with each other.  I'm scheduled at Ray Hammond's in two weeks.  Early squirrel season is open here in KY through next Friday.  I might be able to hit the woods oen afternoon after work for a little pre-hog chasing hunt.  I'll let you know if I make it out.

Looking forward to hearing about your adventures Marv....

Can you give us a little insite about your arrow set up when you get it figured out?

Marvin M.:

Still working on it.  Got some POC's that are 29" BOP and 55 -- 60 pounds (I think) with 125 grain points. They look good but they are kicking up when I shoot.  If I nock them above the nocking point they shoot great.  I've tried adjusting the brace height to bring it in, but no luck.  The string has the nocking point glued on (not adjustable), so I've twisted up a new B50 string to try out.  I'll be working on it tonight or tomorrow.

2016's do the same thing, so I'm going to try the new string and see if I can get them working.  I'll donate the string with a brass nocking point when I send it on if it works, in case someone else needs the same thing.

Eleven days till I'm chasing pigs!!!!


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