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!!!...Michael Frame's Trad Gang Wish Hunt...Live Update...!!!

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Jim Stewart:
Ya'll are gonna have a GREAT time!!!  May the good Lord keep ya safe, & prayers up for Thunder Bill...

Roger Norris:
I KNOW you will have a great trip......the UP is a special place. Be safe, have fun.

Well, I talked to Steve tonite....he says there is no way for him to do an update from there.  He is taking notes daily, and will run it as soon as he gets back, on a day by day we'll just pretend that the hunt doesn't start for a week. ;)  
I *CAN* however, tell you that when I talked to Michael he was very excited being there, and saw lots of deer on his first day, including a 14 pointer !
Can't wait....wish I was there !!!!!!  You guys have a blast up there, and toss a log on the fire for me.
God Bless.

Don't you know that was an especially happy campfire after the call from Thunder last night.

Thunder -- everyone here at the Listening Inn and Northwoods Wilderness Outfitters wishs you the best, and wish you could be here also. I'll save all the story telling for Mutt, cause the deer are moving and they are seeing bucks.
 Also, Carol is really pleased that Mutt is house trained, but was alittle suprised at how much he eats!!  Take care Bill -- we have the fire burning for you.  -- Gus


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