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!!!...Michael Frame's Trad Gang Wish Hunt...Live Update...!!!

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Hi!!  I am Michael Frames grandmother and I just want to thank everyone and anyone that anything to do with his big hunt.
We certainly appreciated the time and money involved to help Michael get his first white tail.
Thanks to those on the hunt for their patience and working with him to make him a better and safer hunter.
We especially thank Bill and Steve for hooking up with him and giving him the opportunity.
Karen Wagner, Zanesville, Oh  :bigsmyl:

Hi Karen !
I hope everyone had a blast...sounds like they did !  I am so happy for very happy.  Looking forward to seeing you all again...and so sorry I couldn't make this hunt.
God Bless.

That post put a biig smile on my face! Great bunch of guys!

Ron LaClair:
I made it home late last night and after three weeks of hunting I have to say it's good to be home. Hunting is hard work and as they say, "it's a tough job but somebodys got to do it."   ;)  

I really had a great time with the folks that came to The Listening Inn. Michael is a fine young man and it was a pleasure meeting him and hunting with him (I really didn't fall asleep, I was just resting my eyes)  :o   I took this picture of Michael and his smile made says it all.  
That isn't red camo on Michaels face, Steve inititated him with the blood of his first kill.

John Havard took this nice buck the same evening that Michael took his doe. John donated the back straps from his buck for the camps last dinner. Not many people would be so generous.

Ray Lyon:
It looks like it was a great experience for Michael and all the mentors involved. Since Mutt only took his 'usual small portion' at meals, does that mean Ron made up for it by taking seconds?(thus the need for a power nap).    ;)


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